Friday, November 21, 2014

2014 Amaroo School Reading Awards

Congratulations for being such good readers!
Amaroo School celebrated earlier today its Multicultural Day. It was a lively and very enriching Whole School Assembly, with students introducing the different segments in French and Japanese as well as in English. An absolute privilege to be there!

The School also awarded its annual Reading Awards, named after Clea. We want to express our big THANKS to Mr Richard Powell, the Principal, Ms Louise McMullen, Teacher Librarian, and all of the Amaroo School community for the ongoing support the Clea Salavert Library receives year after year.

Their prizes
The winners of the Clea Salavert Wykes Amaroo School Reading Awards in 2014 are:

Rachel S. (Senior School), Aaron B. (Middle School), Samuel T. (Primary School), Jennifer P. (Early Childhood) and Arabella T. (Preschool). They are a fantastic group of readers who do not need further encouragement. But they constitute a magnificent example for everyone, students and non-students, to follow. Congratulations to all of them.


The Amaroo School Library staff is again collecting books and resources for the Clea Salavert Library in Lalomanu Primary. We hope to be able to forward these wonderful books and teacher resources to Samoa early in 2015.