Saturday, October 22, 2016

2016 Amaroo School Reading Awards

The Amaroo School Reading Awards, named after Clea Salavert Wykes, were awarded yesterday at a whole-school Assembly. Like in previous years, we were invited by Amaroo School Principal, Gai Beecher, to present the Awards to the winners. In 2016, they were: Jesse S. from Year 1, Jasmine P. from Year 5, Lubna S. and Caan F. from Year 6, and Gabby W. from Year 10. Our thanks to Ms Beecher and also to Mel Datsun, Executive Teacher at Amaroo School Library and the Library team.

We were also given a very special gift from a talented and enthusiastic reader, Eliza C. from Year 1. Eliza drew the picture at the top and wrote about how happy reading books makes her. This is one of the nicest presents I’ve ever been given, and I thank Eliza for her efforts, and for everything it means to her and to us. Keep reading books, Eliza, and be happy!