Sunday, November 19, 2017

2017 Amaroo School Reading Awards

Amaroo School celebrated another year of reading in 2017. As the school has grown so much over the last few years, it has become necessary to hold two separate events, one for junior students (from preschool to Year 6) and one for older students from Year 7 to 10.

On Friday 27 October, Reya U. (Year 1) and Bea G. (Year 5) were the winners of the 2017 Clea Salavert Reading Awards. Clea’s brother, Omar, joined the Assembly and represented the Salavert-Wykes family at the event, where he was joined by Clea’s friend Laura.

And on Friday 17 November, Darci T. (Year 10) was announced as the winner of the Reading Award at the Senior Assembly. Congratulations to all nominees on their efforts and for their love of reading!

A huge Thankyou! to Teacher Librarian Natalie Otten and Principal Gai Beecher from Amaroo School for their support and for the photographs shown on the blog.

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